Stem injection

Highly effective knotweed control

Stem injection is an alternative to foliage spraying, which can affect other nearby plants. By injecting a concentrated dose of glyphosate herbicide into each individual cane using equipment specifically designed for the treatment and eradication of Japanese Knotweed.

This method of direct injection of herbicide is highly effective as it is absorbed throughout the rhizome and deep into the plant’s root system, helping to completely eradicate the troublesome plant.

Stem injection is far less risky to both to the environment and neighbouring plants.

In environmentally sensitive areas, for example where the Japanese Knotweed is on or near water, well we’ll treat that too. Using the stem injection process will minimise any risk to water and the environment.

We’re experienced in survey and license requirements – and will ensure all documentation is filed and complete with the relevant government organisations.

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